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Do you dream of a user-friendly, practical and beautiful website for your small business? We find the exact template that matches your needs for a fair price.


All companies need a website. Your website is how you present yourself to the world. It is where your customers can locate you, get in touch with you, and most importantly buy your products.


Building and developing a website is time-consuming and many small or medium sized companies choose to skip or postpone the task because they find it easier to create a channel on social media. While it is important to have the right social media presence, the effect is highest, when it works in concert with a website.


The importance of a website lies in the credibility and professionalism of what you do. A website becomes your virtual base for all your online presence. It is on your website that your customers get an overall idea of ​​who you are and what you offer. It is on your website that you can build on your brand.

The process of building a website with us

1. We choose a CMS system that you and your employees can easily work with


Fortunately, there are a number of Content Management Systems out there that make it easy to build a website and maintain/develop it. Of course, we choose the system that best suits your type of business.


2. We put in the right plan for you and your business


Did you know that you can build a website for free? However, it becomes a very simple and not very professional website. We know the pros and cons of a wide range of systems and providers and their price groups. Therefore, we can choose the right plan that fits your company’s needs. Should it, for example, be a website where your customers can book or buy your goods? Or should it be a gallery of photographs? Or maybe a portfolio where you showcase your work? Our expertise helps you choose the right – and cheapest – solution.


3. We buy the best domain name for you and provide the right hosting


The domain name is the address of your website. It is important that it is short and easy to identify. It must also be one that is not already owned by others. We find the best available domain name for your website and connect it. The same applies to hosting, so we ensure stable access to the website for your customers.

Meeting Between Colleagues

4. We choose a template that matches your niche and tailors it according to your brand


Do you have a particular style in mind? Or have you seen a nice website that you would like to draw inspiration from? We will find it! At Sikki, we love to build a visually strong and at the same time user-friendly website, no matter what style you prefer; simple and timeless, magnificent and outdoorsy, stylish and cozy, fresh and eye-catching, etc. Of course, we tailor the design to reflect your brand.


5. We collect the content in cooperation with you


It is important to us that the website content is of good quality. We will gladly help to teach you how to create quality content for your website, whether it be texts, photos, videos, etc. We also make sure that the website meets various security measures and GDPR laws and that it is optimized for search engines.


6. We test the website before we publish it


It is important that it is not only us who think our website is the best. We make our living through high quality. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to have the website reviewed by test subjects before it is launched. That way we can iron out kinks from the page to ensure full functionality from day one.


7. Publishing date


We publish the website only when you feel confident that it is ready.

Maintenance and development

Having a website is not just a matter of building it. Operation is also part of having a website.


At Sikki, we offer different solutions: You can choose to let us build your website and have it handed over after launch, or you can choose a package solution where we take care of operations, development, and the promotion of the website after the launch.


You can read more about packages and prices here.

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