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our story

Starting a company is a large undertaking. So large in fact that many good ideas remain just that. At SIKKI we help making turn that idea into reality.
SIKKI helps, among others, Greenlandic companies grow and reach their full potential by applying the right strategy, selecting the right partners, utilizing the right communication and by reaching new markets.


We also help government entities and publicly held companies navigate in the intersection between effective business and political considerations by developing the right strategy and communication.

Our mission

Our mission is to support and contribute to a sustainable development of Greenland.
We do this by helping companies grow and develop, by helping government entities create better solutions and by helping international companies establish themselves in Greenland and create new jobs and income through investments.


How we got here

SIKKI was founded in 2019 by Mikkel Schøler and Aviaja Lyberth.
Mikkel was raised in Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk, until he moved with his family to Aarhus in 1995. Mikkel holds a candidate degree in political science, is a former member of the governing board at the University of Southern Denmark and former candidate for the European Parliament for the Danish Social Democratic Party.


In 2011, Mikkel began working for Siumut in the Danish Parliament, advising on diverse issues spanning resource extraction, fishing, tourism, energy, tele communications, corporate and tax law as well as international relations and much more. In 2014, Mikkel began working as an independent consultant. From 2014 until the founding of SIKKI, Mikkel worked for a number of Greenlandic and Nordic political and corporate clients, and Mikkel was amongst other notable projects closely involved in the 2013, 2014 and 2018 Inatsisartut (Greenlandic Parliament) elections.

Through his political work and engagement, Mikkel has build a strong and close political network on the municipal, regional and national level in Greenland, Denmark, the Nordic countries and in a number of other countries across parties. A network that is used to strengthen the work for SIKKIs clients.

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Sustainability and passion

We believe that you should be following your passion. At SIKKI we have a passion for sustainability.


Building a sustainable company or a sustainable product is about more than climate and environment considerations. It is also about how the company recruits and retains employees, how the company contributes to society and how you make sound decisions.

  • Lowest possible climate and environment impact

  • Highest possible employee satisfaction and employee welfare

  • Stable economy and sound profits

  • Innovation partnerships

  • Supporting company growth in the area


Aviaja Lyberth is from Maniitsoq, holds a candidate degree in language, literature and media from Ilisimatusarfik, The University of Greenland, spending a semester at the Ivy League University, Dartmouth in the US.


Aviaja has worked at Visit Greenland for 8 years.  Aviaja uses that background today when helping companies with their online communications, whether that be graphic layout, social media management or web page design.


Aviajas experience in the Greenlandic tourism industry has given her detailed knowledge of the business conditions in most Greenlandic cities and villages. SIKKI uses that knowledge actively when advising on long list of projects.

About the name SIKKI

SIKKI is an abbreviation of the Greenlandic girls name Sikkersoq and means ”blossoming”. The name is chosen to symbolize SIKKIs purpose.


We want to make companies and employees blossom. To the untrained eye, Greenland seems infertile and barren, but if you look closer, the landscape is full of life.


The colorful Arctic flowers, plants and berry bushes stand in stark contrast to the rocks and the icebergs as some of the most indomitable in the world. The conditions are harsh – for flowers as well as for companies – but if you know where to look, life flowers more beautiful here than anywhere else.


And with a little help, it can even thrive.

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