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We create partnerships

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We create partnerships between Greenlandic companies and international investors within a wide range of industries.

Private companies

Should your company enter Greenland?

When a company prepares to enter the Greenlandic market, a number of issues are pressing. How do you best engage the Greenlandic market? The possibilities are huge, but how do you avoid the pitfalls?

Would it be best to partner with local businesses? How do you best manage the dialogue with the Greenlandic political system? SIKKI can assist with detailed knowledge and guidance tailored to your company’s plans and level of ambition.


Are you taking advantage of your company’s potential?
Greenlandic companies – especially entrepreneurs – typically focus on the local or national market. At SIKKI, we help get in touch with international investors within a wide range of industries that can supply capital and access to the relevant markets. In this way, we help your business grow, increase revenue and create more jobs.

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